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[14 hours ago] Thomas Sherman in Euro Guns: Mr. Kerbogha, I wanted to let you know that your comments gave me severe anxiety and I am in counseling for it right now. I have literally spent about $1000 trying to undo the emotional trauma that you hav…
[3 days, 12 hours ago] Anonymous in Premium Cards: Scam
[1 week, 2 days ago] Sarah T.L (HELP ME !) in New Money: I asked them for my money back and they told me to fuck off again. (9th time) I am still working at Mcdonalds because they took the money I was going to use for college. I am still a single mother who is not…
[1 week, 2 days ago] Kerbogha in Euro Guns: @Thomas Berring Oh fuck motha fucka! You really do have man boobs? Fuck I was shitting with you. Now I feel bad you and your bitch tits. Every person you see is thinking about how you look like a b…
[1 week, 2 days ago] Alone & Abandoned Mother in Buy Real Money: Please Help! Please Help! Please Help! Help! I am a single mother, I have 2 kids. One of the kid's fathers is my uncle. The other is my x-boyfriend. Neither want anything to do with me. I had just a lit…
[1 week, 2 days ago] AmericanConquistador in Paypal Account: fuck them.
[1 week, 4 days ago] Garathu in New Money: They scammed me, then sold my personal info and I got tons of letters in the mail.
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