Known and guaranteed scam.
Dark Locker is an escrow which has been scamming users since October 2019. Originally reported as "Scam" by Darpadrimp
Sielfa · 11 months, 3 weeks ago
Scam site that pretends to be an Escrow but is a total fraud
Jazzyjake3774 · 12 months ago
Worst experience I have ever been through
Mister_Doc · 12 months ago
During the course of my transaction with they were nothing but professional and I found their processes to be very efficient and fast. They indeed made me a happy customer. I think their management is wonderful, kind and care about their users. I love this company so so much. More than Amazon
Slamdutch · 12 months ago
Scammers, they try to convince you to fund the escrow through their website, which looks semi decent and might seem legit to a non experienced trader. But is not be aware of this thieves.
c19jf · 1 year ago
HORRIBLE Customer experience, horrible customer service, I will make sure to avoid escrowytu7s7rlqn.onion. To make it worse, based on the email they sent me - to no fault of my own or breaking any terms & conditions of theirs they decided to delete all evidence of my transaction. Now I can't access any of it, I don't have any information, I can't verify my transactions.
TheExchequer · 1 year ago
This Company is nothing but a scam. They where supposed to send me my BTC back to my address and they make that is was sent which I never received it. they say it is not lost and was the blockchain all lies of course and hires a company to do a deep search and retrieval which there reasons of misplacement is all crap. I asked many times to send me proof they did the transfer. I have never received the proof. I am now exposing them to the authorities. Yes I emailed them to the FBI
TRE · 1 year ago
After 7 days I realized I was scammed out of $2,829.49. I contacted dark locker and they ignored me. I emailed 7 times. I can tell you that I won't risk it again.
darpadrimp · 1 year ago
they stole it all :(
darpadrimp · 1 year ago
This week I funded an escrow for a $1065 transaction, the next day when I requested refund because vendor was unresponsive they simply canceled my transaction code and I cannot contact them anymore. They granted previous escrow both success and refunds when deals were below $100, then when you earn trust they'll rip you out. I'm new redditer and cant post screenshots proofs or links yet but anyone interested can PM me and I'll share it. I wish them the hottest hell (╥﹏╥) PS: If casually Admin pass by here, Transaction code was: cbmn2qqyn Other party view code: fpudsv8a9zq4 I'll remove my post if get my coins back, the escrow fee is all yours, not my coins
Stinksauce · 1 year ago
After adding a new disbursement method and reaching out to support, I was told that the money had already been disbursed, though I never received it and there was no further recourse. Great choice if you want to sell something and never get paid.