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Napsgear is an online pharmacy selling pharmacy grade drugs and steroids. Highly trusted
Teresa Vega · 10 months ago
I’ve been ordering from naps for years now. I’ve come across many sources for AAS but naps will always top them by far. Through naps I can order a huge range of products from reputable brands. Their customer service is great, with 24/7 responses to any questions or problems I have. Shipping is always fast and discrete, never received a damaged package. I’ve ordered pretty much every product across the board, and recommended many friends to naps due to the effectiveness and purity of all their products. My favorite cycle to run is test/eq/deca and I’ve gained about 60lbs of lean mass since I started getting my gear through naps. Will be a lifelong customer for sure!
Howard · 10 months ago
Update on my gear. NapsGear killed it and my products were here in less then 2 weeks total turnaround. Feeling great 2 weeks in to my cycle. I’d really like to shout out Naps brand quality. Never disappointed.
verett Cortez · 10 months, 1 week ago
Napsgear - Weekly Discount Product was amazing!! -2 Deca 300 -3 Test - Enantat 250 Running Deca e6d Test e5-6d. Arrived in just a few weeks. Ran my whole set and coming down from the deca I see good clean gains that are going to stick around for a while. I'd highly recommend !!! GOOD CLEAN GAINS!!! Great power!! I am a monster!!
Nonya · 10 months, 1 week ago
Naps is my number one go to source. I have been using Naps for over MANY years. I have stuck with then because of the great products, wide variety of products, the different companies to choose from and the doscounts they offer. I have been scammed several times by different sites and i have never been screwed by Naps. They continue to send me great products and great service. I have read several reviews about Naps and people complaining about its a scam. Not once have i ever not recieved a product and of i ever have a question or issue they respond very quickly to make sure im well taken care of. That's why im a loyal customer. This last order was several bottles of DP Sust 350, Arimidex. Proviron, winny tabs and injectables and couple bottles of Deca. I went from roughly 225 to 250+ in just a couple of months. Strength is up there and im still gaining. I know this sh** is legit. The order took the usual several weeks and as always discreetly packed. Without a doubt Naps is number one in my book
Crael · 10 months, 2 weeks ago
Used Napsgear a few time successfully but I'm out over $600 on my recent transaction. Sent the money via WU to Sergey Kuzin as directed and WU froze the money and my account. Now suddenly no wire service will even allow me to open an account or wire money. Turns out Sergey is on a terrorist watch list and trying to send him money will screw you. Napsgear's response to this? They offered me another name to send money to and a 10% discount!!! They won't even attempt to go to WU and try to collect the money or get to the bottom of the issue. Sergey is in the wind. My advice, avoid them like the plague unless you want to lose your money and/or end up on a Department of Homeland Security watch list.
Anonymous · 10 months, 2 weeks ago
I been with Napsgear for many years and when I first started to use them as noobie I had no idea on whom to trust. I was new to bodybuilding and I had come across them through Positive online reviews. I decided to place a small order just to test them out and see if they were trustworthy. Those that are into bodybuilding know that you can’t go to local pharmacy to purchase the supplements we buy at Napsgear so let’s not kid ourselves they reputation/ customer service/ quality should be the up most priority when choosing a provider. For many orders I would place with Napsgear I would never have any problems until my order one day “disappeared” when it entered the US. It was a pretty big order so I reached out to Napsgear and provided the tracking number and within a few days they resent my order and I did receive it this time. When I reached out to customer service they were fast to reply with one hour or less usually. They is the type of customer service I want when choosing my provider. Aside from the quality of suppliers they choose where they have lab results on the website. Napsgear gear is like the amazon for gear. Great customer service and fast shipping with a good price. I can’t complain after years of using them and I always refer my friends that are starting the sport to use Napsgear!
Max Santiago · 10 months, 2 weeks ago
Ordered here for years and I wont go anywhere else. Ordered Test and stanozolol and was very satisfied. The first order never came so I email Naps and they resent the package out and was here in less than 2 weeks. I started my cycle on Monday and by Friday I could start feeling my body warming up and I could feel it kick in. Started seeing results in 2 weeks and I was leaning out. My cycle was 250mg of test a week and 50mg a day with stanozolol. Even though my goal was to get lean and not gain too much weight, my lifts all increased over the 6 week period. I highly recommend naps.
Joanna · 10 months, 3 weeks ago
I ordered the 300$ bulk cycle and the rus bio clenbuterol. After waiting a while for the money to be picked up I was sent several packages from China which I found suspicious, but I trusted the site. After three weeks of taking the stuff in very high doses and not feeling or seeing results I bought 200$ worth of test kits to find out everything they sent was fake. The guy Wade Wilson at first told me to prove it with the tests and said he would have to send all the information to his supervisors and so forth. Well, when the proof was sent he denied it all and said the decision was final, and I was the only one complaining in which I linked up with others in YouTube that faced the same thing. Don’t buy from this they stole 600$ from me. They are scammers...
Ger Hughes · 10 months, 3 weeks ago
I ordered tbol letro and nolvadex received all of order within 3 weeks of payment have been using naps years and ordered multiple orders with no problems, ger ire.
Anonymous · 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Napsgear is always my go-to for high quality gear. Have had over 10 successful orders in the past. Geneza Pharm is my go to brand. Always receive exactly what I ordered in about 2-3 weeks and the quality of the gear is like no other. Napsgear is the place to go if you want top notch gear for amazing prices and customer service. They accept orders and give tracking in about 2 days, plus their communication is fast! Communication & Ordering process Excellent communication. Confirm payment the same day, and tracking is provided within 2 days usually. Customer support ALWAYS gets back promptly if any issue arises. Delivery (T/A) & Packaging Very discreet packaging. Like I said, over 20 orders now and every one has landed flawlessly. Always had all the contents I ordered and land in 2-3 weeks. Napsgear is the place to go for the highest quality gear. Excellent customer service which has earned me their lifetime support. Would recommend to everyone. They have some awesome discount promos too I would highly recommend checking out! I recommend shopping here!
Grace Stephens · 10 months, 3 weeks ago
The best source for online gear. (Seriously) Outstanding. Sincerely,Kenneth
Robert Barry · 10 months, 4 weeks ago
Just placed an order again with NAPS and so far so good... ALL of my other orders have been processed quickly and arrived in a short period of time. If you want to get 10% you can use Bit or Lite coin. I have used both MG and WU which both are a little a pain but have worked great. NAPS CS has been great in any issue I have had from ordering to their Q/A section were rewards can be earned. This is my 5th order and by far the best selection and price even without the bunch of ways you can save money. So if you are looking or know someone looking for gear..... Look no further. NAPS by far exceeds all of the rest!!!!!!!
Bill Janes · 11 months ago
Great first experience with Naps. 2 separate packages and they both came within a timely manor and easy transaction. Also both products came with great results as tested and on point descriptions for their products.