About us

Long ago some people worshipped a god in the image of an Owl called Moloch. Moloch was worshipped by taking a baby and burning it alive on the Alter to Moloch. Most people, like you and I, could not tolerate this horrible abuse of an innocent. But history shows us that some people enjoyed watching children suffering and burning.

In today’s society this sacrifice to the Owl god Moloch is not officially allowed. However many people still enjoy watching innocent people, like you, suffer and burn in life. These evil people enjoy your pain, and warm their hands over the heat of your burning and suffering.

We do not enjoy your pain. We do not want you to suffer. We created this Owls Eye so you can see the people, websites, and organizations that seek to steal, scam or harm you. If you are burning in this life, we feel you should see & understand the source of your pain.  Lets identify them together.

The dark net is a place for you to see and understand the evil of our modern society. 98% of sites on the dark net seek to profit from you by scamming, stealing or abusing you in countless ways. Then when they make you suffer they seek to warm their hands over the pain of your suffering.

We take this fucking seriously. We have suffered, we know what your pain feels like. We created this site to prevent your suffering.


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owlseyevayio33v7.onion  (Operational since 8/10/2019)
owls-eye.com   (Operational since 10/1/2019)

Published on Oct. 9, 2019, 9:04 a.m.,
Updated on Nov. 18, 2019, 4:31 p.m.,
by Mad Jack & Owl's Eye Team.