Man Killed His Wife After Failed “Murder for Hire” Plot, Prosecu

Since Stephen Allwine could not escape his marriage without losing his position as a deacon at the United Church of God, he allegedly killed his wife and called it a suicide. But not before trying to hire a hitman to to do the job for him, Washington County prosecutor Jamie Kreuser told a courtroom. According to the prosecutor, Allwine used a darknet site that offered “murder-for-hire” services. The site, Besa Mafia, no longer exists (under that name).

We wrote about the case last year after Allwine’s arrest (and second arrest). According to the narrative provided by the prosecution, Allwine wanted out of his marriage after discovering Ashley Madison, a website known for promoting extra-marital affairs. He apparently learned of the site through a couple he had counseled at his church. After two alleged affairs, Allwine asked the church for permission to divorce his wife. The church told Allwine that if he opted for a divorce, he would lose his position as a deacon at the church.

So, according to the official narrative, Allwine chose to have his wife murdered. He visited a darknet site called “Besa Mafia” and went through the process of paying the site owner (aka the “hitman”) to kill his wife for him. The job came with specific requirements. Allwine needed the murder to look like a suicide. He wanted the world to think his wife had killed herself. Unfortunately for Allwine, the hitman made several mistakes while carrying out the job.

Allwine and the hitman first agreed upon a fatal car accident. Allwine gave the Besa Mafia contact information on his wife’s whereabouts on a specific day. They agreed on a price of $6,000. The hitman failed. Besa Mafia then recommended Allwine pay for a sniper. Allwine, instead, requested the hitman enter his home, kill his wife, and then burn the house down. Of course, none of this ever happened.

The criminal complaint pointed out the following:

“When Victim was not killed and the home not burned down, Besa Mafia told dogdaygod [Allwine] that the hitman was stopped by local police for driving a stolen vehicle and taken to jail prior the hit. Sergeant McAlister noted that during this time, no one was apprehended in Minnesota and western Wisconsin and was arrested in a stolen vehicle and in possession of a gun. Besa Mafia continued to solicit money from dogdaygod [Allwine], continually delaying the hit.”

The churchgoer then decided to end his wife’s life without outside assistance, investigators wrote. Officers arrested Allwine on a second degree murder charge. Months later, the second degree murder charge became a first degree murder charge. First degree murder carries a 25 year minimum sentence in cases involving a handgun.

Published on Jan. 8, 2018, 6:07 a.m.,
Updated on Nov. 22, 2019, 6:08 a.m.,
by Mad Jack & Owl's Eye Team.