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[10 hours ago] John Doe in Scientology: Igen har vi en pengemaskine der ikke kun nøjes med småbeløb nej de æder hele din creditlinje , Samtidig er de beskyldt for meget værrer ting , det kan ikke passe at de stadig kan få lov at franarre de danske b…
[12 hours ago] Dewey Henderson in RealChems: client with them since 2018, always delivering if any problem occurs with postage, quantity or product, they will always compensate and will find a solution to keep you happy, their prices are a bargain. many …
[18 hours ago] Anonymous in Bestgore: Love it!! Nothing better than a bit of brain matter to end the day
[19 hours ago] Mushroom in RealChems: This is so far the best vendor, who sell high quality products. The service and feedback of the Realchems team are yop notch. Delivies arrive accuerately on time. I totally recommend. Juggi
[20 hours ago] Sha’Tanya in PeTA: idonno bout that! I lov me som fried chiken!
[21 hours ago] Karel Galarneau in YouTube: I can spend all the day watching Youtube videos It's great website.
[1 day, 16 hours ago] Max Trust in Most respected. Most trusted.

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