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[6 hours ago] Anonymous in Tutanota: recommended over gmail. But low tech appearance. Not very enjoyable to use.
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[7 hours ago] Anonymous in Tor Scam List: I will pay someone who tracks down this mother fucker, skins him alive, and drinks his blood. I hate this scammer
[10 hours ago] Sam1370 in ThePirateBay: A wonderful file sharing site, with a peer review system that makes sure you never get any viruses. An ad blocker is highly recommended though because there are an excessive amount of ads, some of them 18+.…
[15 hours ago] Anonymous in PornHub: I got spyware when surfing here with my Android phone. Take care.
[20 hours ago] BAPHOMET in Bestgore: I fapped to watching someone pluck out someone's eyes
[1 day, 5 hours ago] Anonymous in ₿Itcoin Generator: I got scammed. I feel so stupid for believing

A web developer and journalist for ProPublica
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scouts the web looking for only High Quality
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Virginia Tech's steam tunnels and beyond
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main focus will be on criticizing the total loss and break-down of rationality in US politics
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Website Offline
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Known and guaranteed scam.
focuses on Privacy – how to protect it and why it matters
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group of professionals and amateurs with an interest in network security
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an online archive of selected research papers in the field of Internet censorship
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Blog for people who like spanking
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site that helps you find shelter from surveillance
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work for the Naval Research Lab doing research and development on Tor
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main homepage for the Sonic the Hedgehog fangame Sonic & Tails
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Website Offline
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