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[3 hours ago] J in Tor Scam List: Well done motherfuckers. They created a scam site and a trusted area. I bought from a site on the trusted area and they fucked me.
[4 hours ago] Anonymous in Posteo: After repeated requests no answer comes. Also, the promised repayment after the account closure has not yet occurred. This is not how you deal with customers, but seems to be a common practice at Posteo.
[1 week, 1 day ago] SancteAmbrosi in Protonmail: Protonmail is a honeypot. Visit their onion address on TOR (https://protonirockerxow.onion/). Try to sign up for a new account. They will switch you from the onion address to their clear net address. This …
[1 week, 3 days ago] Anonymous in Posteo: Ich bin seit zwei Jahren Posteo-Kunde und habe keinen Anlaß zur Klage. Das Mail-Account funktioniert zuverlässig, dazu kaum bis gar kein Spam-Aufkommen. Leider ist die Website mit Smartphone-Browser nicht w…
[2 weeks ago] Hans in Protonmail: Le peuple suisse est tellement meilleur que toi.
[2 weeks ago] Flashbomb7 in Protonmail: They got a college friend who created "" to do their official security audit. that's so fucking funny. I thought these guys were supposed to act in a corporate way?
[2 weeks, 1 day ago] Anonymous in Agartha Underground Marketplace: This Market is a scam!! I never recieved my item, and the market finalized my order without my approval, even after I opened a dispute. Now my money is gone!
Mixer is a Seattle-based video game live streaming platform owned by Microsoft. The service officially launched on January 5, 2016 as Beam,…
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